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About Strategic Projects and Priorities

ITS efforts (projects, partnerships, and initiatives) are primarily focused around these strategic priorities:

  • Minimize administrative burdens placed on our faculty
  • Enhance academic units’ ability to connect with individual students
  • Maintain and increase the excellence of our staff
  • Streamline and improve research administration
  • Streamline and improve the fundraising process
  • Maintain excellence while optimizing the size of our academic programs and use of facilities<
  • Enhance administrative processes through efficiency gains and resource sharing
  • Protect informational assets and privacy
  • Promote green solutions through automation<

These strategic priorities were identified and defined largely on the basis of interviews with University Deans and their leadership regarding the challenges they face and their plans for the future. Every fiscal year, ITS aligns its efforts with these priorities to support the University’s mission.

ITS will focus its efforts around eResearch, DART, Business Intelligence and Space Initiative in 2009. (Find out why these projects are so important to the University) You can keep a pulse on these strategic projects through the Project InfoCenter. As these projects are completed, or as new priorities are shaped by University Leadership, ITS will continue to use the Project InfoCenter to keep you up to date.